Mesquite Southern Cuisine Recipe

When it comes to mesquite southern cuisine, nothing is better than some delicious barbecue, for many Southerners, smoked meats are a key component to this kitchen craft. Here is a simple yet delicious recipe that highlights this mesquite southern cuisine.

Smoked Mojo Leg Quarters


•    One tablespoon of lime zest; loosely packed
•    One tablespoon of lime zest; loosely packed
•    ¼ cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
•    ? cup of freshly squeezed orange juice
•    ? cup of olive oil
•    Six large garlic cloves
•    One bunch of fresh cilantro, remove the stems
•    Two red jalapeño peppers (you can remove the seeds if you prefer)
•    One and ¼ teaspoons of ground cumin
•    ¼ cup of fresh oregano leaves
•    ½ teaspoon black pepper
•    One teaspoon kosher salt
•    Six chicken leg quarters, around five and a half pounds
•    Six cups of applewood chips


1. The first twelve ingredients must be pulsed in a food processor for around twenty seconds or the time needed for them to be finely chopped. Reserve half a cup of the mixture for later use, chill it while you continue. Place your chicken thigh quarters in a large bowl; add the remaining mixture and gently toss until all pieces are evenly coated. Cover and allow to chill from four to eight hours.

2. In the center of a square, eighteen inch piece of heavy duty aluminum foil, place the three cups of applewood chips; do the same with the remaining chips on another piece of aluminum foil. Wrap the squares to for two envelops and in each packet, pierce several holes.

3. Light on side of your grill, you want it to heat to a medium-high level, around 350° to 400°; the other side of the grill remains unlit. On the lit side, place on of the applewood smoke packets; the holes must be facing up.

4. With paper towels, pat excess moisture from the chicken. The marinade is left on the skin. Sprinkle the desired amount of salt and pepper on the chicken. Carefully move your smoke packet to the unlit side of the grill and place your chicken over the lit side of the grill, without the grill lid grill for four to six minutes on each side or simply until grill marks have appeared. Skin side up, transfer chicken over to the unlit side of your grill; very carefully move your smoke packet back over to the lit side where it will stay for the rest of the cooking time. The chicken is now grilled with the grill lid down for one hour and a half or until the skin turns golden brown, occasionally turn the pieces. The meat thermometer should register 165° when inserted in the thickest area. Halfway through the cooking, replace the small packet. Once ready let sit for ten minutes and served with the chilled sauce you reserved.