All You Need To Know About Trundle Beds

Considered a ‘bed within a bed’, a trundle bed is a type of sleeping solution where one bed is placed underneath another. The bottom bed frame is placed on a set of rollers or casters and is placed underneath a second bed frame with mattress. The upper bed is a conventional design; however, the frame of this bed resembles a drawer which carries the lower bed. Of course, to fully understand the use of this bedding design it is important to know more about the style. This article will provide details on all you need to know about trundle-style beds.

The trundle bed received its name from the trundles – another name for rollers or casters. The rollers are used to move the bottom bed, also known as the trundle, back and forth. According to research, trundle-style bedding was created for servants in estate homes. They were designed so that the servant would sleep as close to the employer as possible being able to answer needs if required in the middle of the night.

Evidence also shows that this type of bed was used on board ships and is known as a captain’s bed. The bed is a space saver and is highly beneficial on a ship because of the scarcity of storage space. The captain would most commonly use these bed designs with seafarers sleeping on the deck, but trundle-style beds were also placed below deck.

trundle beds

If you are looking to create an extra sleeping space in your home, it is advised that you consider purchasing trundle beds. It is a convenient method to make a guest bed available when necessary, but store the mattress away and free up space during the day. It is ideal for smaller rooms and regular sleepovers. If you do not need an extra sleeping area, the smaller trundle can be placed underneath the main bed and out of the way.

This type of bed structure is a beneficial option for families with younger children living in a single room as it allows the room to be used for sleeping and playing. Unfortunately, the structure does not present with much support and the mattresses are thin. This means that the child will not be well-supported during their sleep and they could develop back problems.

As can be seen, the use of trundle beds is highly beneficial, but you need to be careful when choosing this design. Using the information above, you can find the ideal structure for your specific needs.